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    We specialized in FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS

    Electrical conductive tape, Flame Retardant Tape, Black coating tapes, Ultra-thin tapes, Embossed Adhesive Tapes……



    Core Technology

    Adhesion Formulation Technology

    Coating Technology

    EMI Shielding Material Technology

    Thermal Conductive Sheet Technology



    • Static electricity is a phenomenon of charge accumulation in an insulating object. Friction is the most common way to MORE...

      High Anti-static Protection Film
    • In recent years, product designers have paid more and more attention to the anti-dropping performance of smart electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets MORE...

      Elastic Adhesive Tape
    • In recent years, product designers have paid more and more attention to the anti-dropping performance of smart electronic devices MORE...

      Hydrophobic & Oil Repellent Coating
    • When the product needs to re-work due to quality problems in the assembly process, needs temporary fixation in the product processing process MORE...

      UV Tape

    R&D Capability

    Our Company

    Company Profile

    Suzhou Shihua New Material Technology co., Ltd was established in early 2010, with its headquarters in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province. Shihua has been ...

    Honor & Qualification

    2018,National "High-tech Enterprise",2016, Hi Polymer PF Engineering Center,2017, ISO9001:2015 quality management system certified...

    Sustainable Development

    The RTO equipment used in the production process of shihua is a kind of efficient organic waste gas treatment equipment. The principle is to oxidiz....


    • In order to enrich employees' leisure cultural life, relieve their work pressure and increase their cohesion, so that they can enjoy MORE...

      Happy May, Happy Travel
    • At present, China's adhesive tape enterprises mainly rely on exports, most enterprises rely on exports to drive the market, the production MORE...

      The Top Five Trends for Adhesives
    • On September 2nd, 2015, the first batch of employees of suzhou shihua new material technology co., ltd. quietly moved to no.MORE...

      New Place, New Start, New Era
    • The main raw material of PE protection film is LLDPE, which is soft and has a certain tensile property. Generally, MORE...

      PE Protection Film

    Get in touch with us

    Our Address

    No.168 DaGuang Road,

    Wujiang Economic Development Zone, Suzhou of China


    (0512) 63199366



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